Patagonia Gold maintains a strong awareness of its responsibilities towards the environment and existing social structures. Accordingly, attention is given to ensuring that all exploration and development work is carried out strictly within the guidelines of the relevant mining and environmental laws. Patagonia Gold attempts, where possible, to hire local personnel and use local contractors and suppliers.


Patagonia Gold is fully aware of its responsibilities towards the environment, its employees and existing social structures and is strongly committed to best industry practice, the safety of its workers and the communities where it operates. The Company guarantees that all exploration and production works are performed in compliance with the labour, mining and environmental laws in force, ensuring a safe and healthy working environment for its employees.

Mindful of its duty to respect institutions, local culture, communities and their history, the Company works to improve the educational services and the infrastructure of the regions impacted by its activities. It interacts with all stakeholders, working together to achieve a sustainable future and to secure better prospects for the communities when it finally concludes its production activities.

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